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    Home Games Too Easy Game’s Debut: Trap Mansion

    Too Easy Game’s Debut: Trap Mansion

    Published on May 30, 2013, by in Games, News, Releases.


    Too Easy Game’s Debut: Trap Mansion
    Releases Halloween 2012

    DUNDEE, Scotland, 29th Oct 2012
    Too Easy Games and Red Radiant Media are proud to present Trap Mansion.
    Available for download on the 30th of October from Apple’s App Store.

    A Grand Opening:
    ‘Dishonesty Manor’ and ‘Muerte Mansion’ will be opening their doors to the public this Halloween. Following rumours of mysterious and often horrific accidents befalling those working to renovate the buildings, the two estates have reassured us they are perfectly safe and fit for human habitation.

    A local bystander praised the high standards the estates have set, proclaiming ‘It’s to die for!’. The pale faced quivering shell of a man further insisted ‘You’ll never want to leave, once you’re there…’ and proceeded to run off into the distance, laughing

    About the Game:
    Trap Mansion takes place in a haunted estate that is bursting with booby traps. The player takes control of various unsuspecting individuals who have had the misfortune of stumbling into the building. It’s up to you to lead these poor souls to safety.

    You are required to Run, Jump and Slide your character past a myriad of wonderfully decorative, and slightly possessed objects.

    Each character is randomly generated and every death helps to populate your personal graveyard. Which you can then review at your leisure.

    The game was developed by Too Easy Games Limited, and published by Red Radiant Media.

    Trap Mansion released for 69p/99c for iPhone, iPod and iPad via the App Store:

    App Link

    Game Features:
    Beautiful 3D game world.
    24 challenging levels to master.
    Traps lurking around every corner.
    Randomly generated characters.
    Personal Graveyard that tracks all your failures.
    Challenges and Collectibles.
    Achievements and Leaderboards.

    Trap Mansion Debut Trailer:


    Too Easy Games Website:

    Too Easy Games Social:
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/tooeasygames
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/tooeasygames

    About Too Easy Games Ltd:
    Too Easy Games Ltd was formed in July 2012 by four new graduates of world leading computer courses at the University of Abertay. The company is currently based in Dundee, Scotland and the team is wrapping up production on their debut title ‘Trap Mansion’ which has been in development for just under 4 months. It will make its debut on iOS devices on Halloween 2012.

    The team consists of three members from the 2011 Dare to be Digital team ‘A Necessary Evil’, creators of the game “Carne Carne”. The team is led by award winning designer Bill Rountree, for designing the Official Game of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

    During their short time in the games industry, the team has already gained combined industry experience on a range of platforms, and is credited in over 10 commercially released titles, including Final Fight: Double Impact, Crackdown 2, Moops, The Crystal Maze and Forever Wild.


    About Red Radiant Media Ltd:
    Red Radiant Media Limited was formed in 2011 by former staff members of Realtime Worlds and Irrational Games, and is based in Dundee, Scotland.

    Our team members were responsible for the BAFTA award winning games Crackdown & BioShock as well as many other hit games including work on Crash Bandicoot, Disney’s The Little Mermaid II and GoldenEye 007: Reloaded.

    The team have amassed over 70 years of combined games industry experience, and have published over 80 titles on various platforms during the last two decades, sales of over 20 million units and four BAFTA awards between the BioShock and Crackdown team members.

    For more information about Red Radiant Media please visit:



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